The Sunflower
Adeline Poufong Art

The Sunflower

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Oil On Canvas


I feel strong, I am mighty and light 

I burst through the soil with all of my might 

I sway in the wind and show off my yellow

I lift your spirits when you’re feeling mellow

All I need is water and sunlight 

Brightness in the daytime and darkness at night 

A pruning in Spring and one around June 

Support when I’m heavy, and lots of room 

My petals sway gaily when I’m being admired

Many an art piece I have inspired 

When the wind is gentle, I will grow tall

And flourish with greatness until come fall

But while I am growing, in comes disease 

And pests that crawl in and take what they please 

You spray me with all of the pesticide

But they eat at my leaves till I’m barely alive 

And sometimes the sun decides not to come out 

The raindrops stop falling, there is a drought 

I’m taking in nutrients trying to succeed

Trying to give all I can from this one little seed 

My stalk will stay strong but holes will appear

And sooner or later I’ll start to disappear 

Defeated I give up my energy

There isn’t enough of it left for me

No need to mourn, I wilt for a reason

Courage will bring me back again next season

But there’s nothing to do now, I will not grow

Cover me in soil and then let me go


The overwhelming feeling of giving too much of yourself away is what inspired this painting of The Sunflower. The image of the leaves, eaten away by bugs and left with holes throughout was disconcerting. The fact that it could have been prevented had I not neglected the flower reminded me of the importance of self care, putting yourself first and steering clear of toxic relationships.  

Archival Quality Fine Art Print

Ultra high resolution Fine Art Giclée print of 'The Sunflower' on cold press watercolor paper. Matte paper is 290gsm 100% cotton rag, OBA, Acid and Lignin free and slightly textured.

Print is available in two sizes: 8"x10" and 12"x15"and comes with a 1/4" border ready for framing.

Please be aware that the colors you see on your monitor may differ slightly from the actual colors of the print. Prints are shipped within 1-2 weeks.