The Bus Depot
Adeline Poufong Art

The Bus Depot

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Oil on Canvas 


I captured this image at the beginning of the lockdown in 2020. The sight of the buses locked up indefinitely evoked an eerie atmosphere. I was reminded of being in school myself when I used to daydream about only having to study the subjects I was interested in, a time where I would have an abundance of resources and time an energy and nobody telling me what to do. When the news of the world shutting down due to a scary, unknown virus began to spread, I saw it as an opportunity to embrace the time off. Despite being worried about the future, I was grateful for the opportunity to learn new skills, perfect old ones and deepen my artistic expression by home schooling myself. 

Imagine if classes were just Woodwork and English,
Home Ec and PE and best of all Art!
If we could wake up whenever it suited
And decide for yourselves when they end and they start!